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  • Bluetooth Low Energy On Android

    September 18, 2017  android, bluetooth low energy, talk

    My talk-tastic 2017 continued last week with the first rendition of “Bluetooth Low Energy on Android: Top Tips For The Tricky Bits” at the September GDG Detroit Meetup. The app that inspired this talk is also now live in the Play Store (but not yet publicly announced…). I’m really proud of what we built and the challenges we overcame to produce a robust app and a high-quality user experience.

    This will probably end up being the longest version of the talk I give, which means it will also contain the greatest number of tips!


    The talk is accompanied by a giant Gist that contains all the resources I referenced while building the app. This list is a lot more exhaustive than a talk could (or should) ever be! If you’re getting into some serious Android Bluetooth Low Energy work, I recommend reading through these links carefully:

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    Update Your Path For The New Android Emulator Location

    August 10, 2017  android

    Since March 2017 (v25.3.0), the Android Emulator has been released separately from the rest of the Android SDK tools. As part of implementing this change, the emulator binary was ‘promoted’ from${ANDROID_SDK_ROOT}/tools/1 to its own top-level directory, ${ANDROID_SDK_ROOT}/emulator/. This relocation can cause some issues. I’ll show you how to avoid them 🙂.

    1. In writing this post I also discovered for the first time that ${ANDROID_HOME} has been deprecated in favor of ${ANDROID_SDK_ROOT}! Read more in the Android Studio User Guide section on Environment Variables

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    Ios And Android And Swift And Kotlin

    July 27, 2017 

    layout: post title: iOS & Android & Swift & Kotlin author: Stuart Kent tags: ios, android, swift, kotlin, talk comments: true

    [Oh look, another talk comparing modern mobile technologies! This time, the primary audience is iOS developers who are familiar with Swift and intrigued by Android. If you’re a Kotlin-curious Android or Java developer, you might get more out of my previous talk, Kotlin For Fun And Profit.]

    Last week, I crashed my local CocoaHeads meetup and gave a talk about… Android!

    Sort of 😉.

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    Kotlin For Fun And Profit

    July 13, 2017  android, java, kotlin, talk

    As someone who has been working with Kotlin on the side for over a year, I’m super excited that it’s now officially supported for use on Android. I’d love to start using it to write client apps; however, I don’t work in a vacuum, and I know that some of my colleagues have had much less exposure to Kotlin. Luckily, there’s widespread enthusiasm to learn more:

    Still, it wouldn’t be wise or appropriate to ignore the minority who expressed net trepidation in the informal poll above. Taking a lead from Christina Lee’s Google I/O discussion on facilitating Kotlin adoption, my colleague Matt Lauer and I recently gave a presentation at Detroit Labs titled “Kotlin For Fun And Profit” designed to highlight Kotlin’s benefits and provide assurances regarding Kotlin’s drawbacks:


    As you can hear, our audience was super-engaged and asked a ton of great questions ☺️. I’ll be giving variants of this talk in the coming months, spreading the word far and wide 🙏, and I expect Kotlin to continue to inspire these levels of excitement and interest!

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    A Deadly Proof

    April 27, 2017  math, talk

    I recently watched Chiu-Ki Chan’s Droidcon Boston keynote titled “How to be an Android Expert”. Her core messages - that sharing builds expertise, and that the barrier to sharing can be lower than you think if you approach it correctly - inspired me to get back to blogging. In particular, I’m going to focus on writing shorter, simpler posts.

    In February I gave my second1 lightning talk at Detroit Labs. This time I went back to my mathematical roots in search of a topic, and decided to present a deadly proof. This is life or death, people! Check out the video and slides below.


    1. You can find my first lightning talk, Cameras 101, here

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