Stuart Kent
on Android

(Talk) iOS & Android & Swift & Kotlin

[Oh look, another talk comparing modern mobile technologies! This time, the primary audience is iOS developers who are familiar with Swift and intrigued by Android. If you’re a Kotlin-curious Android or Java developer, you might get more out of my previous talk, Kotlin For Fun And Profit.]

Last week, I crashed my local CocoaHeads meetup and gave a talk about… Android!

Sort of 😉.

Several key aspects of the iOS and Android developer experiences have converged within the last year:

This means there’s never been a better time for developers familiar with one ecosystem to learn the other. And you should: it’s a lot easier than learning your first native platform, and with a little effort you’ll quickly find yourself:

all without sacrificing any of the benefits of native development.

Not convinced? Check out the video and slides from iOS & Android & Swift & Kotlin for concrete comparisons that demonstrate just how similar iOS and Android development look in 2017: