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(Talk) Bluetooth Low Energy On Android

My talk-tastic 2017 continued last week with the first rendition of “Bluetooth Low Energy on Android: Top Tips For The Tricky Bits” at the September GDG Detroit Meetup. The app that inspired this talk is also now live in the Play Store (but not yet publicly announced…). I’m really proud of what we built and the challenges we overcame to produce a robust app and a high-quality user experience.

This will probably end up being the longest version of the talk I give, which means it will also contain the greatest number of tips.

The talk is accompanied by a giant Gist that contains all the resources I referenced while building the app. This list is a lot more exhaustive than a talk could (or should) ever be. If you’re getting into some serious Android Bluetooth Low Energy work, I recommend reading through these links carefully:

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